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Letter to patients 2005-2006

Dear Stem Cell patients,

As Medical Director of PMC-Rotterdam and on behalf of all doctors who may have been involved with your Stem cell treatments in the period of 2004-2006, I am writing to you to clarify any misperceptions you may have and reassure you about the nature and quality of the Stem Cell treatments you received. Contrary to what you may have read in the press.

We have treated over 420 patients, mainly with severe neurological conditions, over a two year period. Every one of these patients have been injected with at least 1,5 million purified HUMAN UMBILICAL CORD DERIVED STEM CELLS (HUCSC)   These Stem Cells  have unique multiplication, differentiation and repair qualities. 

RESULTS: please visit our webpage www.pmc-rotterdam.com

SOME patients also received as an addition to the stem cells a so called ''signalling substance'' of RNA molecules. This would have been explained to you by our doctor and you would have signed a paragraph in the informed consent form, acknowledging this.

These RNA molecules are indeed ‘'tissue specific'' ( for example heart, lung, liver, brain, spinal cord, nerve etc). We have good reason to believe this might help inducing the Stem Cells to become and repair the similar target tissue in the recipient patient.

We have been and are still using these signalling RNA molecules for over 30 years and they are considered an extremely safe product, registered as such in Germany. (They are derived from  specific bovine tissues or organs. ‘' Bovine'' means made from newly born cows material

First let me make it clear: WE HAVE NEVER  INJECTED ANY  STEM CELL PATIENTS WITH ‘'COW CELLS'', or ''COW STEM CELLS'', no matter what the newspapers  write or make up on this subject.

Because it is a difficult concept to explain the difference between Human Stem Cells , Animal Live Cells or just the RNA Molecules from a bovine source to non medical persons, this has been open to misinterpretation by the GMC panel and the popular press.

To read about the ‘'non'' clinical risk of BSE,  visit our website www.pmc-rotterdam.nl

The quality of each vial containing 1,5 million or more Human Umbilical Cord stem Cells was always excellent by the standards of the Certificates of Analysis provided and confirmed every time we double checked them by independent other means.  THIS INCLUDES the  vials from Allcells labs California, delivered by ACT as a ‘'mistake'' and used for 3 of their patients. . We were not aware at that time that these new labels on the ACT vials were anything else than their response to our June 2006 request to comply with the future European guidelines on labelling and traceability of donor Stem cells transported and stored in frozen conditions. After the Newsnight incident these All cells labelled stem cells were double checked by ourselves for quality and quantity of the cells and by an independent UK pathology lab for safety and presence of any infectious agents. They were found to be safe and excellent quality.  In fact the Allcells Certificate of Analysis that we requested afterwards directly from the lab for our specific vial numbers, also provided all the necessary tests to prove it was safe to use for humans, except for the clear disclaimer at the end stating their use was 'for research purpose only'' and ‘'not intended for humans'' Whether this was for US customs or laboratory licensing reasons, we still do not know. But having excellent cells without the correct papers to go with it, we still immediately stopped the use of that shipment, reported this to our health inspector and cancelled all ACT patients from that moment in July 2006. However , we were able to assure those 3 patients of the safety and quality of the cells they received.

If you have any further questions concerning your treatment with Umbilical Cord Stem Cells, please do not hesitate to contact us on Info@pmc-rotterdam.nl  or look on www.pmc-rotterdam.nl  with a fact sheet and interview as well as other relevant data and literature that may be helpful.

Warmest regards,

Dr Robert Trossel.

Rotterdam, Netherlands

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